Rules and Etiquette


Rules and Etiquette for Students

1) During the class:

• Bow each time you enter and exit the training area.

If you are late wait outside the mat area for the instructor to let you on the mat. When he does, bow to

him and shake his hand. Then do the same for every student in descending belt order from black belt to

white belt.

• At the end of class bow when you leave the training area.

• When in the training area always have your belt tied and be ready to train (BJJ and Judo).After each sparring roll fix your gi, retire your belt, and sit against the wall (BJJ and Judo) while you wait to be assigned a training partner. If while you are training you come in contact with another student training of a higher belt, the student with the lower belt moves and during Muay Thai training both pairs should move away from each other.

DO NOT sit on the chairs or outside the training areas during class;

DO NOT take off your gi top if you do not have a shirt on underneath and DO NOT walk around without

a shirt on at any point during either class as well. ALWAYS keep finger nails and toe nails clean as well as cut short, otherwise you’ll be asked to leave to

do so. No one is allowed to show techniques while the instructor in charge is showing techniques unless he or

she allows you to do so.

• Arrive at the school at least 10 minutes before class to ensure classes starts on time.

After class gather all your belongings to give space to others training. All belongings you bring are your

responsibility to remember. Items that are left behind will be held for a week then thrown out after the week time period. All bags, equipment, and personal belongings should be kept inside the locker rooms or in the designated areas. Shoes must be kept by the shoe racks or designated area.

DO NOT have chewing gum, beverages, food, and all other materials that will contaminate or can be

hazardous in the training area.

2) Inside the School:

DO NOT walk around the school without a shirt.

DO NOT walk with shoes on in the training area.

DO NOT play with any equipment or accessories such as medicine balls, workout bands, dummies, etc.

unless instructed to do so by an instructor.

  • ALWAYS clean up the equipment used during training at the end of class such as striking pads, shields,

    etc. at the end of each class.

    The School is not your personal recreation room. Please respect yourself and others while inside (use

    common sense).

    No children are allowed to use the training area without supervision and or adults without the

    permission of an instructor in charge.

    3) General rules:

    DO NOT disturb the ongoing class if you arrive early before your class.

    ALWAYS use appropriate language while inside the school includes lock rooms, training area, and

    general access areas.

    ANYONE involved in unprovoked street fighting will be suspended for 30 days and a recurrence will

    result in banishment from the school.

    NO ONE is allowed to show, teach, or demonstrate our techniques to other people outside the team or

    the school with an ill intent. If this is revealed an immediate banishment from the school will be the


    NOBODY is allowed to “cross train” at any other school, team, or place with other fighters without

    previous permission from Anthony Vetro and or another instructor with the permission to do so.





    Important Information About Your Contract:

    - Auto Renewal: Your membership will continually renew with the same billing frequency and method of

    payment until we receive a written cancellation notice 15 days prior to the end of the contract.

    - Suspension: You can freeze your account for up to 30 days (3 month contracts) or for up 60 days (6 or

    12 month contract). We request a minimum of 15 days prior to your next billing cycle.

    - Cancellation: We DO NOT accept cancellation or refunds.

    Attendance Tracking:

    We request that all students enter their Member ID in the IPad on the front desk before each class. It is

    extremely important especially for the programs that have a ranking system such as adults jiu-jitsu, kids

    jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai.

    Please let a staff member know if the front desk IPad shows any account message after you enter your

    Member ID or if you don’t see the check in screen.

    About Hygiene:

    You are to be clean and well groomed while at Fat Cat Jiu-Jitsu. Your finger nails and toe nails are to

    be cut short and should be clean. A clean body will be appreciated each day by your training partners and

    others around you. Should you come in without proper hygiene, you will not be able to attend class until

    you are in an acceptable hygienic condition.

  • Clothes and training equipment should also be clean and in a serviceable condition in addition to your

    body. Daily personal hygiene is a must to help keep our gym in clean working condition.

    About Use of Cell Phones:

    If you are inside locker rooms or watching class please turn off your cell phone or keep them on silence

    so you do not disturb the instructor or class the is going on.

    About Fowl Language:

    While inside our school please keep in mind that we do not tolerate the use of foul language of any kind.

    These rules apply to instructors, students, and visitors as well.

    For the Parents:

    - For the safety of your child please do not leave your children unattended.

    - Always accompany your child if he or she needs to use the bathroom.

    - Please do not interfere during the kids classes unless requested by the Instructor